Bathrooms are one of the most familiar places inside the house to be infested with pests. Warm, damp areas are where parasites and other microbial insects flourish, which makes bathrooms an ideal breeding ground for gnats, silver bugs, cockroaches and other small insects. As they build up in large numbers, some establish colonies, and these become serious issues that will affect children as well.

Despite the pun Bath pest control services are perfect for these types of jobs. While hygienic practices like keeping the bathroom clean and dry after use, using bug spray and other DIY methods, the problem comes back after some time, and thus some maintenance work is required. Here are some of the measures to take against bathroom pests.
Keep the bathroom clean and dry. This may include the usage of towels, for the floor, sink, tiles and the loo. Mosquitoes and other pests grow in numbers within bodies of water, and other microbes live off soap and water droplets on bathroom tiles. For drain pipes, using anti-bacterial solutions and bleach could kill off these pests as well. As for water usage, wipe off every drop after every use. Doing this once a week ensures that microbes and other parasites do not live off the bathroom water sources.

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Repair leaks, unclog pipes, sinks and other water sources; and always check for other water sources that contribute to pest growth. Any tiny holes in the wall can provide suitable breeding grounds for microbial pests, so either cover them up or use sealants, especially on leaks, to contain them and avoid open sources of water. Patching and replacing holes around windows, doors hinges, especially on wood, prevents the growth of organisms. Seal opening and other cracks with every inspection.ScreenHunter_1144 Aug. 17 14.50
Knowing what kinds of pests flourish in the bathroom can help determine their behavior, as well as the methods for eliminating them. Not necessarily needing to have a comprehensive knowledge of such pests, but necessary information regarding the most common pests ensures that the measures taken against them are effective and efficient in keeping them away from the bathroom.