What is tinnitus and how it affects us is a universal question that is asked when someone mentions it, and the hearer is not familiar with it? Tinnitus occurs when an individual detects the perception of sound when there is no sound happening. Often, Tinnitus is caused by damage that has affected the cochlea, or the inner ear and we strive to find out how to cure tinnitus.

Sometimes it is called “ringing in the ears” but it can also sound like a roar, hissing, clicking or whistling. This condition occurs in roughly one out of ten adults at one time or another, and in severe cases, it can be a relatively constant matter. The condition is more common in adults who are over the age of 60 years. The name Tinnitus is related to the Latin root which means, “to tinkle.” This explains the question of “What is Tinnitus.”hearing loss

In a tiny proportion of individuals who suffer from the condition, the occurrence of this situation is cause for concern as it is a sign of a more serious health issue that should be looked into right away.This is why products like Lipoflavinoids are a great way going forward for tinnitus

Tinnitus has no known cure, although there are several ways that the condition can be managed. For most of the people who have this, they can adjust to the ringing or the noise over a period. For many others, however, the condition is a significant disruption in their lives.

The can suffer from insomnia, poor school or work performance, anxiety, concentration problems, irritability and depression. A the moment there are over 45 million Americans who have Tinnitus, and roughly 90 percent of them, have some hearing deficiency.

In nearly all the cases of Tinnitus, the sounds are called “subjective sounds” because only the person suffering from the condition can hear the sounds.