All About Foam Tires   

If you are just like most people, you probably did not know that there are what you call foam tires. They are tires that are filled with foam instead of air, which practically eliminates the chances of you getting a flat tire on the road.
If you think foam filled tires are fantastic for eliminating flat tires, you are right. They are beautiful. However, the bad thing about it is that most foam-filled tires you will find on the market are for trucks. If you are driving a regular or even an SUV, you won’t easily find stores that sell this kind of tire, although it’s not far-fetched to imagine you can easily find one by doing a little research here and there (you can start with Google). 
Unfortunately for you, though, even if foam-filled tires were readily available. They are expensive. We looked at eBay and found a seller that was selling a set of four tires for over $1,600. But the tires were brand new, so you can say that the price is justified. We did see a set of tires being sold for $600, but they have used tires. 
In any case, if you are like most people, you are probably wondering if foam tires provide the same traction as air-filled rubber tires. In other words, you might be wondering if you will skid on the road because of foam tires. Fortunately for you, the foam is only as the inside part of the tire, not the outside, so it’s virtually impossible to skid. This is to say that foam-filled tires work the same way, and are just as useful as rubber tires. 
So, if for any reason you feel the need to buy a tire foam fill kit just go head to find the brand-new and second-hand items.